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How to play the Sexual Massage in the Aroma ism

First, it will be the whole body using the aroma oil massage (relaxation aroma).

You chose the 60-minute course, will be either the lower body or upper body.

Dedicating woman lecturer (qualified person) the training system is provided by, we will dispatch the women who complete the training process.
Customers can relax, where feelings have become open, women's hand gradually, toward your groin And to non-experience zone never tasted so far and leads the customer.
Turn gently patted your testicles,and Zillah was to Zillah, to finish from rejuvenated massage Prostate massage is located can not be by the girl.
Please check girl detail page.

"Aroma ism of attention"

A feeling of gratitude to our customers that asked to use it does Mase forget. The best we have been offer hospitality.
Even if you're sexual massage is felt a thing insufficient in the way and delivery of health started making it a content which you can be satisfied.
Certainly once Please use.

How to Use

You have 2 kinds of reservation method to the Aromaism.

LINE application download is this.

Please install LINE in a smart phone terminal, click this, add the Aroma ism to the friend and use it.

The next, you click this again and start LINE and choose the Aroma ism among a friend, and please tap a toque.

The customer reading from a PC,
the above QR Code, by smart phone, it's read, please do and use it.LINE ID : aroma-ismPlease tell the visitor of the
reservation the following information.

Mail Form

Use schedule place
Request lady
Request date
Request arrival time
Request course time


When the following event occurred, a massage teacher will suspend service immediately and goes home.
There is no refund of the charge in that case.
Understanding for us, please.

We do not offer our service to the dirty person.
I doubt sexual disease and that I have STD.
In addition, a cleanliness degree has
top priority.
We cannot contribute our service to
the person to resist in taking the
shower before bathing and the service.

I do not offer our service to drinking and the drug user.
The massage after the drinking is not safe in large quantities.
We do not accept the user of the illegal drug.
In this case we stop service
I do not refund the charge.
In addition, the drug user notifies the law enforcement authority.
I would like understanding to us.

I prohibit negotiations and a demand of SEX.
Please do not require SEX and is not included in service contents.
I prohibit the price negotiation.

Drunk and Disorderly, Recreational drug user are not accepted.
Massage after heavy drinking is unsafe. We do not accept illegal drug user.
If such cases occur we will stop the session immediately and no refund will be given. Also we will inform police authorities.
Please give us your understanding.

To request, demand and negotiate to have sexual intercourse are prohibited.
Please do not request for an act that is not in the service content nor conduct price negotiation.

Please do not stop our girl even after the session is over.
Our session time begin to count when the girl enter the room and end when the girl leave the room.

After service was over, please do not detain our girl either.
It is before I go out of the room after a girl entered the room at our service time.

Professional therapist rate plan

Our shop is a sexual massage store.
Touching a girl is prohibited.
The above rates include handjob in all nude.

Options & Other courses & Prices